Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun 205/60R16 96V available in Manchester

205/60R16 FALKEN ZE914A EC 92V VW


Ziex ZE914 Ecorun

205/60R16 FALKEN ZE914A EC 92V VW

Fully fitted price: £78.00


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The innovative concept for a new generation of sporty tyres. Our supreme answer to the demands of dry handling, wet grip, low rolling resistance and above all, a comfortable drive. The asymmetrical tread design of the tyre shoulders and the four longitudinal grooves guarantee maximum road grip and improve water uptake and dispersion as well as braking and handling in wet conditions. The stiff tread blocks enhance directional stability and add sportiness to cornering. Small horizontal grooves and sipes optimize handling and driving comfort.

With the ZIEX ZE914 ECORUN Falken offers cost-conscious drivers a modern tyre with optimised rolling resistance and well-balanced performance characteristics.

Product Benefits

  • Outstanding level of grip on dry and wet roads.
  • Low external rolling noise.
  • Particularly suitable for a sporty driving style.
  • With Special Eyes tyre wear indicators.





V (Max Speed: 149mph)

96 (Max Load: 710kg)