Roadstone N Blue Eco Tyres Available in Preston

Roadstone N Blue Eco


N Blue Eco

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Excellent energy saving

  • N'blue eco combines a number of green technologies including LRR full silica compound and construction design to reduce the tyre's rolling resistance by 20% resulting in good energy efficiency.

Reduction of C02 emission

  • N'Blue eco's optimized tread pattern and carcass profile minimize rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency and less C02 emission.

Eco Technology

Show Technology on N'Blue eco's asymmetrical pattern


  • With it's combination of circumfer - ential and lateral grooves, N'Blue eco provides improved water evacuation, resulting in a superior braking and handling performance.


  • A rigid and solid outer shoulder and inner block provide better grip for improved cornering power and exceptional braking in severe driving conditions.

Optimized tread Wear

  • Tread contact patch optimized by void ratio of both center and shoulder part and each block stiffness prevent irregular wear and provide a longer tread life.

Reduce rolling resistance


  • Optimized tread pattern and profile provide lower fuel consumption and C02 emissions, resulting in a good energy efficiency.

Silence system


  • Computer optimized, asymmetric tread pattern and variable pitch blocks by random search method reduce noise generation, resulting in a more quiet ride.

Efficient water drainage


  • Four circumferential "see through" grooves simulated by Computer allow exceptional water drainage to resist hydroplaning.

Longer tread life


  • Through the optimization of tread profile and construction, computer designed tread blocks provide minimized irregular wear for a longer tread life.

Eco Driving

Be Comfort

High Performance Cornering

  • Solid Shoulder Rib facilitates precise cornering and keeps in tune with every corner by distributing cornering forces.

Efficient water drainage

  • Well positioned straight and slightly curved lateral grooves effectively evacuate water from the tyre.

Performance with Low Tread Noise

  • Acoustically tuned 5 pitch sequence layout reduces road noise and vehicle vibrations, leading to a high level of on-road comfort.

Outstanding Straight Performance

  • Continuous 3 center ribs with optimal block distribution provides steering stability performance at a high speed.

Precise Control in wet conditions

  • Hydrophilic lateral Grooves and extra-thin sipes reduce braking distances and secure high braking safety on wet roads.

Tyre Size Fully Fitted Price
Size 13 Tyres
Roadstone N Blue Eco 155/80R13 79TT
E B 67
Size 14 Tyres
Roadstone N Blue Eco 185/55R14 80H
C C 73
Roadstone N Blue Eco 195/65R14 89H
C C 74
Size 15 Tyres
Roadstone N Blue Eco 175/60R15 81VV
E C 68
Size 16 Tyres
Roadstone N Blue Eco 195/50R16 88V
C C 74
Roadstone N Blue Eco 195/55R16 91V
C C 74
Roadstone N Blue Eco 195/60R16 89H
C C 74
Roadstone N Blue Eco 225/50R16 92V
C C 75
Roadstone N Blue Eco 225/60R16 98VV
C C 75